Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Important Announcement

After much consideration regarding our role as a lynchpin of dialogue and commerce on the World Wide Web, Das Vidanya feels that it is only appropriate that we "go dark" in order to protest Congress's proposed SOPA/PIPA bills restricting freedom of expression on the Internet. Starting at midnight tonight, users will not be able to access this site for a period of twenty-four hours.

We do not make this decision lightly: by taking this action, Das Vidanya stands to lose millions of dollars in revenue as well as the support of uncounted numbers of philanthropists, scientists, professors, and public officials. To them, this site is an indispensable and vital resource to their life and work. Any inconvenience, though, must regrettably be borne. The clarion call has been sounded, and we must let our elected representatives know where we stand on this era-defining issue.

It should be noted that we will not only be suspending the site's content; many of the services normally offered by Das Vidanya will also be discontinued for this period. DVI Financial will not be operating, and any account activity will have to be put off until the following day; this includes deposits, money transfers, and all other banking services. Das Analytics will not be accessible, though staffers will still be on-site at our Sunnyvale campus and can provide any urgently-needed information via e-mail or phone. Make sure to use a land line, as our cellular network will also be down.

True Path Charters will still be making flights, though with only the 737s in use; anything bigger is a logistical nightmare when operating on such a pared-down scale. To the managers of some of our off-shore holdings, I can say only that the sparrow has preyed upon the leopard, and that Maat remains in flux.

We will all have to make sacrifices see us through this day. Some will perish, while those that survive will take their seat upon the throne of glory. Write to your Member of Congress today!

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