Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Make Sure You Flush Staten Island

Hello and welcome to the first and last installment of Das Vidanya's "Remember The Daze" series. Today we address Soap shoes.

These shoes were once worn by many people at my middle school who would grow up to not be ashamed of owning a Trapt CD. There was a gnarly rail in the back of this middle school, and the same five or six guys would be out there Soapin' it up each afternoon. This rail has since been skate-stopped, but since the cream of the crop of this group could only average about a foot per grind, it doesn't really matter.

Soap shoes, as the reader has no doubt realized at this point, had a brilliant invention on their hands. They provided a common-sense solution for every young man around the turn of the century who fancied himself a latter-day Bart Simpson but who could not afford the risk of having his skateboard confiscated while carving it up on school property. Of course, now every kid worth a damn has those shoes with the wheel on the back of them, and Michael Jackson is dead.

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