Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Journey Into Darkness: Liveblogging the June 11, 2009 episode of Jeopardy!

7:27 PM: Unlike ordinary sprays, Comet Gel sticks to mildew.

7:28 PM: Pat and Vanna make some imaginary small talk. I wonder if they ever Facebook chat?

7:29 PM: This Domino's commercial is making me so hungry. Will I make it through an entire episode without a snack?? Oh wait it just started.

7:30 Pm: The contestants look like weirdos, big surprise. There is always someone from the DC area on this show, and today is no exception. Trebek's suit isn't all that great but it could be worse.

7:32 PM: Contestant Kyle looks like he could use a Queer Eye makeover, but I don't think he is a straight guy in the first place. Haha Contestant Beth just said "Deep Throat." This stuff is all pretty boring, it won't get really rolling until Alex talks to the contestants.

7:34 PM: Commercials time; maybe I will go for beer instead of snacks.

7:35 PM: I can't wait to get to know factoids about the contestants, but I know it won't live up to the contestant I saw about six months ago who made up songs to sing to her cat.

7:36 PM: Beth likes to knit.

7:37 PM: Kyle likes to hold little pieces of Darwin in his hand. Actually his story was pretty cool, I'm worried about myself.

7:38 PM: Contestant Jason just crushed a whole category, in much the same manner that I am crushing this beer.

7:40 PM: Kyle's hair and goatee is really 90's, but his waistcoat screams "I'm going to screw up this Daily Double!"

7:43 PM: Nobody is going to pick "The Music of Ballet."

7:45 PM: Alex's supercasual Canadian sweater is by far the highlight of this evening; it's perriwinkle!

7:46 PM: Hey Beth, Carson McCullers wrote The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, not Cormac McCarthy, YOU DUMB BITCH!!

7:47 PM: I bet Kyle loves to do "The Saber Dance."

7:48 PM: God I would love to have a job on the Clue Crew, no matter how many silly hats they made me wear.

7:49 PM: "One-Word Movies" could have easily been renamed "Shitty Movies of 2008."

7:50 PM: Beth is in the lead but I think Jason is going to pull out the win. Too bad, I kind of wanted Kyle to win even though half of all these posts have been for the sole purpose of making fun of his gayness.

7:52 PM: That hip couple will never stop reading the New York Times. They even like the Jayson Blair articles!

7:55: I really don't see why they had to change the Final Jeopardy music. KYLE LOSES.

7:56: Jason has vanquished all foes and is given the honor of finishing out the week with Alex and the Judges. I can now see Kyle's entire wardrobe and it is blowing my mind. Peace Connecticut.

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